General API Info

annotation description example
title Required. The title of the application. // @title Swagger Example API
version Required. Provides the version of the application API. // @version 1.0
description A short description of the application. // @description This is a sample server celler server.
termsOfService The Terms of Service for the API. // @termsOfService The contact information for the exposed API. // API Support
contact.url The URL pointing to the contact information. MUST be in the format of a URL. // @contact.url The email address of the contact person/organization. MUST be in the format of an email address. // Required. The license name used for the API. // Apache 2.0
license.url A URL to the license used for the API. MUST be in the format of a URL. // @license.url
host The host (name or ip) serving the API. // @host localhost:8080
BasePath The base path on which the API is served. // @BasePath /api/v1


annotation description parameters example
securitydefinitions.basic Basic auth. // @securityDefinitions.basic BasicAuth
securitydefinitions.apikey API key auth. in, name // @securityDefinitions.apikey ApiKeyAuth
securitydefinitions.oauth2.application OAuth2 application auth. tokenUrl, scope // @securitydefinitions.oauth2.application OAuth2Application
securitydefinitions.oauth2.implicit OAuth2 implicit auth. authorizationUrl, scope // @securitydefinitions.oauth2.implicit OAuth2Implicit
securitydefinitions.oauth2.password OAuth2 password auth. tokenUrl, scope // @securitydefinitions.oauth2.password OAuth2Password
securitydefinitions.oauth2.accessCode OAuth2 access code auth. tokenUrl, authorizationUrl, scope // @securitydefinitions.oauth2.accessCode OAuth2AccessCode
parameters annotation example
in // @in header
name // @name Authorization
tokenUrl // @tokenUrl
authorizationurl // @authorizationurl
scope.hoge // @scope.write Grants write access



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